Hello Melbourne!

Why Choose SEO Melbourne?

We are a small service business in Melbourne with big ideas. We cater to small, medium and large companies wishing to create value through unique optimisation techniques. We have been training long and hard since 2008 to provide the best specialists in Australia for SEO, Google Re-marketing and Reputation Management. Our services are certain to increase your companies’ search engine results and website traffic. With the best professional SEO agency services available right here, we hope you make the right decision and contact us today.

SEO Melbourne is a committed company aiming to provide affordable, expert and professional optimisation for all businesses.

Coming from a big Melbourne SEO firm, the director of SEO Melbourne has had the big agency experience and wanted to bring something different to the game, he wanted to focus on top results, not just the number of clients on the books. Being an industry leader and having proven results in achieving not only top 10 results for their clients, but top 5 Google results.

The SEO Melbourne team is made up of six members, two account managers, two content writers, and two developers – the perfect team to get top search engine results in any industry.

What is SEO in 2014?

  • Since 1999 when the Google Search Engine first started, a lot has changed!
  • In the old days it was all about meta tags and repeating the words you wanted to target 100 times on the page, if you did this, you would get good first page rankings.
  • In 2014 it is all about quality
  • Quality content on your website
  • Quality websites linkings back to you
  • Quality social media influence
  • Becoming an Authority in the industry
  • Stay relevant and keep your website fresh
  • Make your website user friendly
  • Make your website easy to navigate
  • Make sure your website is fast and easy to read

These are just some of the 500+ factors Google now looks at to rank websites. SEO is a long term strategy and needs time to be implemented.

  1. DO NOT look for short cuts
  2. DO NOT expect to be on the first page within the first month
  3. DO NOT spam

If any of these points above are implemented into your SEO strategy your results may appear quickly at first but will not last very long and will end up doing more damage than good to your website.


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