Our Secret

Why SEO Melbourne is the only company you need to speak to in regards to bringing in more traffic and sales into your business.

Being a local Melbourne business, you are looking for local Melbourne people as your target market.

Our social media reach in Melbourne through our resources are seen by over 500,000 users per month.

One of latest posts for a client reached over 30,000 people and had over 600 likes. Having the resources available that we have, no other internet marketing company has, why? because we own them.

  • 3 Melbourne based Facebook accounts with over 10,000 followers each (less than 1% the same users)
  • 1 Melbourne based Twitter account with over 250,000 followers
  • 1 Melbourne based Instagram account with 20,000 followers

With these handy little numbers up our sleeve, we make sure we generate targeted traffic into your website and generate sales into your business.

These things NO other SEO company has, they are exclusive to SEOMelbourne.net!


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