Google SEO

SEO is a basic concept but it is hard, really hard to master.

Google has published a set of guidelines which state: “Our primary goal is serve users with high quality, relevant information, these guidelines are in place to ensure a good user experience.”

They have also published a 32 page SEO starter guide to help people understand a little more about what Google are looking for in a website and how to increase your visibility.

It is our job or people like us to make sure your website is seen by Google, and that Google understand what you are trying to sell and why your product or service is better than what they are currently displaying in the search results (your competitors).

Since 2008, Google have made a lot of changes and updates to their algorithm to make SEO a harder practice, below is an example of what has changed.

SEO in 2008SEO in 2014

The reason for the change is because the quality of search results appearing was not the best they could be.

Users were having trouble finding what they were looking for and were in multiple search queries to find the right answers.

To provide the quality results they were looking for, the search engines added more factors to declare the quality of the site before they were willing to display the website on the first page of search.

Yes, they did make some mistakes a long the way, they penalised websites that should not have been penalised and have forced companies to start brand new websites. But we are hoping that in time, Google looks at the work that has been put into cleaning up a site and bringing the rankings back to the first page where they belong. On a good note, the people still offering SEO services are the ones that survived all the updates and didn’t lose client rankings throughout the process.

SEO is not about ranking in position one, it is about driving traffic to your website and increasings sales via search queries and remarketing, top search engine rankings will come if you do all the right things to attract your customers. SEO is also a long term strategy, it is not something that is going to get you sales from day 1 and if you start making sales by day 30, you are lucky, the SEO strategy is something that needs to be looked at for a year to really be generating large traffic numbers and sales.


If you have 7.45 minutes to spare, this video explains how Google works.


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