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Most SEO campaigns take time to achieve results.

In the our first example we are showcasing, it took this clients website four months to get all of the key phrases we were targeting onto the first page of search results and a total of seven months for every single word to be sitting in the top three.

When we started working on this website, we were lucky that they already have some sort of rankings, with six phrases sitting on the second page. The client told us they had been on these positions for years and their old SEO company could never get them any closer to the top.

SEO Melbourne has transformed my business into something I could never of imagined! I was a one-man business and now have 6 employees all because our website can now be found in search. Three SEO companies later and I have finally found one I can trust!”

SEO Client Testimonial

Client example number two was a bit harder.

This website was brand new when we started, so it had no Google history. The keywords chosen also had much more competition and were a lot tougher to move.

Two months into the project we were already starting to look really good, most of the keywords had jumped onto the second and third pages of search and we were on our way to the first page.

A little bit of up and down movement over the next five months which is normal to be ready for Christmas.

With high search volumes this website had over 25,000 visits during December 2013.

“I cannot believe what I saw, the last Christmas was our biggest sales generator we have ever had since we started the business, we made more sales in one month than we had in the three years total.”

Top Client Testimonial

What happens when a website already has good ranking, but wants amazing rankings?

This third client came to us with twelve key phrases, they already had nine of their words in the top ten, but only two of them sitting in a top two position.

In five months we not went well above their expectations, but because of our work, they have had to change hosting companies to keep the site running with all the new traffic that has been generated.

“The team from SEO Melbourne know what they are doing! They used their secret formula and our results are nearly perfect, I cannot wait for another few month when all of our rankings are sitting first!


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